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To succeed at a startup you have to constantly be teaching yourself new things: raising money, hiring great people, setting compensation, building a ro (2 weeks ago)

Microsoft Launches Office 365, a

"We believe effective collaboration is a lot more than good group dynamics," Ballmer told the audience. "Its instant access to relevant information (1 month ago)

Crypto Job Openings Are Booming ?? ? AngelList Blog

? (for startup advice) First Round, normally known for their hilarious holiday videos this time of year, created First Search: the largest database of high quality startup advice ever made. (5 months ago)

SEOs Comment On Cuil,

Last night, Cuil (pronounced "cool") launched and every article out there compared the new search engine to Google. Just scan the Techmeme headlines and see the coverage for yourself. Of course, Danny Sullivan does an excellent job going through the important aspects of the search engine. Cuil (10 years ago)

?Google Is as Close to a Natural Monopoly as the Bell

?Google Is as Close to a Natural Monopoly Now we?re just in a situation where the amount of capital that would be needed to start a (12 months ago)

Crypto job openings are booming ??

Newsletters Crypto job openings are booming ?? AngelList Talent Weekly December 7, 2017 Subscribe. ? (for startup advice) (5 months ago)

Blekko Is Handling 1 Million Search

In the week since it launched, new search engine Blekko has handled one million search queries per day, the company tells us. Its early users have also created 30,000 'slashtags' -- the custom search filters that serve as Blekko's main differentiator from Google and Bing. The company also says new (7 years ago)

Snapchat's biggest update ever.

Product Hunt Daily Digest. November 29, 2017. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Get the best new products in your inbox, daily. Subscribe (3 weeks ago)

Google makes major change in search ranking algorithms

The change to Google's algorithms, which it employs to The effort is similar to that of a , start-up Blekko, (7 years ago)

Free Search Engine Submission

Free Tips for Search Engines Accoona . Some Free Directories (Note: Some directory listings are not crawled by all search engines (1 week ago)

Definition of New

not of long duration having just or relatively recently come into being or been made or acquired or discovered; unaffected by use or exposure very recently original and of a kind not seen before; lacking training or experience; having no previous example or precedent or parallel; other than the former one s different; of a kind or fashion gratuitously; in use after medieval times; used of a living language being the current stage in its development; of crops harvested at an early stage of development before complete maturity; unfamiliar

Definition of Google

a widely used search engine that uses text matching techniques to find web pages that are important and relevant to a user s search search the internet for information using the Google search engine

Definition of Competitor

the contestant you hope to defeat